Serandida Ibizan Hounds

Serandida Ibizan Hounds
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Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hounds
Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound
(1) Are Ibizan Hounds good around children and other pets?
  • HandsomeYes, especially if they have been raised around other pets and children.
(2) Do males or females make better pets?
  • The males are very easy going, the girls can be a little more opinionated. Both can be equally fun to live with.
(3) Are Ibizan Hounds hard to housebreak?
  • Absolutely not, they are very clean and catlike in that department.
(4) Which are more expensive, the males or the females?
  • It is always easier to find a higher quality male at a more reasonable price than it is a female. More people think that they must have a female so good males are easier to come by. Remember that the males make equally as good of a pet.
(5) What are the feeding requirements for Ibizan Hounds?
  • Keep a dry food available along with plenty of water 24/7. You can expect an adult Ibizan to eat about 30-50 pounds per month. Some of the top quality brands are Iams, Purina, Pedigree, and Bil-Jac.
(6) What is the difference between show quality and pet quality? Is there something wrong with the pet quality?
  • No, not at all. It is like the difference between Miss America and just a beautiful women. Both are nice to look at and have in your life.
(7) What health problems should I look out for in this breed?
  • The breed has a problem called axonal dystrophy which affects dogs while still in puppyhood. The puppy will look spastic and not be able to handle it's body properly. This should not be a problem for the average puppy buyer. The breeders are all working diligently to remove the problem from the gene pool altogether.
  • There also have been cases of seizures and juvenile cataracts that show up occasionally. Your odds of having a healthy dog always go up tremendously if you deal with a reputable breeder with a history of breeding healthy, quality dogs. Any breed with a small gene pool has more health problems to address. Ibizan Hound breeders overall are doing a great job in trying to produce healthy dogs.
(8) Can an average person have success at a dog show with an Ibizan Hound?
  • Yes, most Ibizan Hounds are shown by their owners. This is one of the few breeds that you don't have to be a professional dog show handler to be able to win with your dog. Actually they show better for someone they love.
(9) When did AKC recognize the Ibizan Hound as one of there 159 breeds?
  • 1979. Although they have been found in pictures and carvings in the all ten of the Egyptian dynasties, they were not a recognized AKC breed until 1979.
(10) What is the life expectancy of the Ibizan Hound?
  • 12 to 14 years. Breeds, such as, Labrador and Golden Retrievers are old dogs for half of their lives. On the other hand, Ibizan Hounds are young for most of their lives.
(11) Are there differences in the wire coated and the smooth coated Ibizan Hounds aside from coat?
  • Yes, they can be very different temperament wise. Wires are generally more sensitive to their surroundings and take more patience and understanding from their owners.
(12) Do you need a fenced yard for this breed?
  • Yes, yes, yes, no exceptions !!!! This breed can cover an enormous amount of ground in a very short time. As a rule they do not try to jump out of a good fence. They do however, like to go off exploring if given the opportunity. Special care must be taken to protect them and to keep them safe
(13) How high should the fence be? Information about the breed says that they are great jumpers?
  • The smooths do not tend to jump out of fences. Four feet is usually fine for the smooths. The wires tend to jump out and you do need a higher fence for them.
(14) Did the Ibizan breed originate in Spain or Egypt?
  • There were Ibizan like dogs pictured in the artwork of all 31 Egyptian dynasties. They traveled with Phoenician traders and found an adopted home in the Balearic Islands off of the coast of Spain. They have remained true as a breed for over 5,000 years. Their American name comes from one of those Balearic Islands known as the isle of Ibiza. England and Spain have been the driving force in preserving the bloodlines of most of the dogs that we have in America, yet these incredible hounds most definitely originate from Egypt.
(15) And finally, how do you pronounce the breed name "IBIZAN"?
  • From
I·bi·zan hound     (-bzn, -zän)
  • The Spanish pronunciation is (I - as in indigo) i-bee-thun. The fable of the origin for this prononciation goes all the way back to the 14th century with King Ferdinand of Spain being the primary player. King Ferdinand supposedly had a lisp and in order to to fascilitate the speech impedement, the new Castillian dialect of Spanish was created. Having a lisp would have made it difficult for the King to say "Z". Thus, the "Z" sound was changed to the "TH" sound in that dialect.
  • The lisping King story has been repeated so many times that everybody assumes it to be true. It turns out that researchers have found this is pure urban legend. Although a hoax, it still makes for a great story.
  • In America today we hear both versions used interchangably:
    • I - as in indigo..... i-bee-zun
    • I - as in indigo..... i-bee-thun with a hard "th"
  • Both pronunciations are considered to be correct.
What questions do you have about our wonderful breed?
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